Bratislava (Headquarters)

Panónska cesta 3604/17
Bratislava, 851 04

IČO: 48143740
DIČ: 2120059711
IČ DPH: SK2120059711
Tel. (+421) 948 593 107

Management of IBA Slovakia


Aleš Hojka
Tel.: +420 724 103 971

HR Manager for CR and SR

Lucie Hájková
Tel.: Tel.: +420 775 011 125

Sales Director

Miroslav Sopkovčík
Tel.: +421 903 788 660


About us

IBA Slovakia is a technology company focused on providing software services. We are a part of a multinational alliance, IBA Group, one of the biggest suppliers of information technology in Central and Eastern Europe.

IBA Slovakia was founded in the spring of 2015, but builds on the experience and skill of many years knowledge of Czech-Slovak team of IT professionals that focus on software development, project management and IT consultation. IBA Slovakia cooperates intensively with partner companies and has also many contractors, thanks to which can respond flexibly to a wide range of needs of their clients.

Our partners

IBA and IBM 

Our company works closely with IBM in many countries around the world. This cooperation dates back to the founding of the first IBA as an IBM subsidiary in Belarus in 1993. Currently, the IBM does not own any of the companies in the alliance IBA, but very close cooperation continues. The partnership between IBM and IBA has many different layers in the form of commercial, technological and educational.


Liferay is a leading provider of enterprise open source portal and collaboration software products. IBA is the only Gold Partner of Liferay in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and also seeks to Platinum level. Exclusive knowledge and many years of experience with Liferay portal technologies are supported by many Czech and foreign projects ans very close cooperation, including source code interventions demonstrates organizing of the annual Liferay conference, which is unprecedented in CR and SR and enjoys high customer interest.


Global partners

IBA Group is a business or technology partner of the following companies:


IBA Slovakia logos

Rules for the use of logos and allowed color variations are the same for both Slovak and Czech IBA and can be found in the Design manual.

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