IBA Conference, or Linking Liferay with Trends in IT

17. 02. 2015

On May 14, 2015, IBA CZ conducted the annual conference on Liferay portal technologies and new trends in IT. Now in its fourth year, the event brought together almost a hundred of participants from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

IBA Conference, or Linking Liferay with Trends in IT

Edmund Dueck, Marketing Manager of Europe Liferay GmbH, was introduced to the Czech audience for the first time. In his keynote speech, Mr. Dueck presented new Liferay 7 and specific case studies showing how to create an up–to–date platform for digital business. At the conference, we presented Liferay portal technologies and the latest trends and innovations that IBA CZ applies in its solutions.

At the Liferay Track, the visitors were able to learn how to create modular portal applications and how to get on with provider easily in terms of service phase of a project. IBA CZ experts shared their experience of implementing internal and external portals. We presented the portals that the company created for the customers of the public sector, including the portals of digital cultural heritage and those working with digital copies of artworks. T–Mobile, one of the biggest customers of IBA CZ, showed how to save costs when introducing a call center system for managing frequently asked questions.

The Innovation Track featured new trends for the sales channel, including the use of mobile devices and wearables such as smart watches, and showed new possibilities for creating state–of–the–art web resources and mobile applications.

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